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My niche is I have no niche. I just do what I love.




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Britanee LeeAnn 

 Artist Statement: 

The art process is a hypnotic experience where myself and the paint brush become a single entity. Oils, acrylics and graphite become holy relics to worship, and my canvas, the altar to place them. I create art not only for the finished product, but for the euphoria I get while making it. Some people are enlightened by religion, sports, celebrities or politics. Art is my religion.  

The people in the painting want to be worshiped and immortalized. They want to be gazed upon and recognized for their beauty. The subjects ooze confidence and dare to gaze back at whoever is viewing them, yet you never see their vulnerable side. All you see is the best part of them. This reflects our culture, and my own personal obsession with perfection.